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the country the hardest. >> and protests taking place in the u.s. coast to coast as both sides try to be heard. >> and general david petraeus is telephoning right now on capitol hill. we'll break down what to expect >>> welcome back. oosh section of contra costa county, along all the way to berkeley, showing wet weather, this is heading over to benicia, concord, pleasant hill. lafayette. walnut creek, moraga, whole 24 corridor is getting wet. there is the dumbarton bridge showing a little wetness headed over to hayward and fremont. more rain offshore so it will be progressively heavier for the back half of the morning commute. heavy rain this morning. another bout in the evening hours. wettest day will be tomorrow. finally drier sunday afternoon and monday. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. >> eric: happening on capitol hill, former c.i.a. director david petraeus is preparing to field questions from lawmakers about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. his appearance before the senate and house intelligence committees come a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair.
. >> up next a tragic fire in bangladesh kills more than 100 peel. we will also tell you when the u.s. supreme court might rule on same-sex marriage. and nhl players still locked out but it's not keeping fans away from the ice. the san francisco minor league team that's turning the lockout >> new this morning at least people are dead after a fear raced through a factory in bangladesh last night. 112 so far at least 100 bodies have been retrieved from the factory. another twelve people died trying to jump from upper floors. the death toll could rise as recovery efforts continue. bangladesh has about 4,000 garment factories, many operating without proper safety measures. the $20 billion in annual clothing exports mostly gets shipped to the u.s. and europe. >>> in the middle east a fragile cease-fire is taking place between israel and hamas but will it last? that is the question coming up on abc's "this week." senator dick durban and lindsey graham will be on "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 here on abc7. >>> new this morning the u.s. supreme court justices will g
at u.s. embassy in tel aviv, israel. video shows the scene as a crowd of onlookers surgeons the building, a man approach -- surrounds the building, a man approached and again charging at guards, one garr was wounded and the man was arrested. -- officials say he's a 41-year-old israeli man with mental health problems. >> israel holding off on a ground invasion of the gaza strip, temporarily while diplomats try to negotiate a cease-fire. secretary of state clinton is heading to the region. the u.s. navy is positioning three ships as a precaution in case american citizens need to be evacuated from israel. steady extreme of rocket fire continues. the conflict has killed 113 people in gaza and three in israel. israeli ground forces have amassed along the border. as we sederer they've decided not to invade for now, while the diplomatic -- talks continue this is only a temporary situation. israel says hamas must stop firing rockets into israel to avoid that invasion. >>> major out of silicon valley more pain for hewlett-packard. >> you might be surprised where you can get the best
barack obama to four more years. while most of the east coast of the u.s. was still sleep residents of a tiny village in northern new hampshire headed to the polls at midnight to cast the first votes in the u.s. presidential election. after voting, president obama and republican mitt romney each had five votes. as americans prepare to vote, new poll shows president obama pulling ahead by three points. within the margin of error among likely voters. at an emotional final rally monday night, the president asked iowa to help him finished what he started. president we are here tonight because we got more work to do. we are not done yet on this journey. we've got more road to travel. >> reporter: the president's pitch earlier the day that he's the same idealist he ran as four years ago itch >> reporter: >> the president: you've seen the scars, you've seen the grey hair to show you, what it means to fight for change. >> reporter: for mitt romney, frenetic push to the finish starting in florida monday, virginia, ohio and new hampshire nearing midnight. >> perhaps some of your family and fr
. now the fbi is investigating e-mails sent between jill kelley and the top u.s. command her in afghanistan general john allen. 20 to 30,000 pages of e-mails. they are described at this point as potentially inappropriate. secretary of defense panetta says, allen right now will keep his job in afghanistan but his next career move is uncertain. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold, until the relevant facts are determined. >> reporter: nomination he is referring to is for commander of nato forces in europe. allen's confirmation hearing was scheduled for thursday. that has been postponed. last night fbi agents searched paula broadwell's home in north carolina, you see them coming and going with box. they won't say what they found. broadwell and her family have gone into hiding. also, the fbi agent in florida who jill kelley initial went to with the threatening e-mails from broadwell, he's been taken off the case. he's accused of sending shirtle
was a factor. >> justice department is expected to announce a plea with bp in the largest oil spill in u.s. history and it could include manslaughter charges for some employees as well as a record fine. the 2010 explosion of the oil rig in the gulf of mexico killed 11 and led to the massive spill. a person familiar with the deal says bp will plead guilty to obstruction for lying to congress about how much oil was pouring out of well. bp could pay a record fine some estimates put it between five and 20 billion dollars. >>> president obama heads to new york today to tour hurricane sandy damage meeting with local officials, first responders, fema staff and families recovering. he was in new jersey before the election last week. parts of new york and new jersey still don't have power. >>> top fbi and cia officials will be back on capitol hill this morning to discuss their investigation into former cia director david petraeus. petraeus stepped down last week after admitting to an extramarital affair with biographer paula broadwell, the affair was discovered during an fbi investigation of harass
, president obama returns to the u.s. after a whirlwind asian tour. >>> trading underway on wall street. the dow up 19 points. we'll a extra close attention to hp stock after it hit a 10 #t ! ! >>> welcome back. live doppler 7 hd over the last three hours heavier rain moving into the central valley climbing up the western slope creating snow at highest elevations no need for chains. temperatures today after the noon hour, when the sun stars to breakthrough, mid 60s, low 60s at the coast. -- next few days drier, thursday, friday shopping, it going to be cool in the morning 30s and 40s mid to upper 60s by the afternoon. >>> 6:44. >>> let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> how it is going? >>> it is great to be with you and everybody there in the bay area what a busy day we have. here on the show and out there on the roads and in the skies, 43 million plus of us on the move. we've go it all covered each angle, each major city what you need to know as we head our roads and skies. also, dramatic testimony in the trial of the valedictorian
to try at home, the u.s. coast guard is asking people to avoid beaches, to stay out of the water during the storm. recommending boat owners take extra lengths to tie those down and make sure they are not going to be banging around in this storm, dangerous conditions are indeed predicted at the coast today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> now to the north bay, amy hollyfield is live in san rafael, it is raining there now? >> reporter: we are getting a little bit of a drizzle here. it is nothing too term. -- too terrible. looks like the storm is going to wait until you head out the door. it is coming, but not here yet. here's a look at the current conditions, streets are wet, we did get some rain around 4:30, we've had a steady drizzle, people have ponchos on, it is pull out our umbrella weather out here people are prepared, san rafael comes to lie and people pop in to get coffee, we've been talking to people about preparations they have cleaned out gutters some did get sandbags, they know the storm is coming and feel ready. when people get their coffee, the chronicle is already in the new
to his radio program yesterday he's evolved because the u.s. feeds to get rid of immigration issue all together. he says the country should create a pathway to citizenship for people who are law biding. however, he added those with criminal records should be sent back to their home country . >>> free flu shot clinic gets underway in san francisco today, clinic offering flee vaccinations to adults 18 and over. the clinic is at 4877 mission street in san francisco. you can stop by any time between 10 this morning and 2:00 this morning. >>> with a lot of space heaters and fireplaces in use, operation 7 save a life is underway. abc7 and bay area fire departments are coming together to prevent casualties. the goal to increase the up in of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in homes. home depot is donating 3,000. for tips on protecting family and home check out look under see it on tv. you see mike and our other meteorologists talking about it in our psa announcements on the air too. >>> rain, lightning and power outages hit the bay area overnight. >>> we are live in san francisco
in the u.s.. this is the latest recall to hit the japanese carmaker a month ago toyota recalled more than seven million because of power window switch problem that could lead to possible fires. >>> gas prices continue fall across the state and across the bay area. average statewide price for regular unleaded is $3.85, san francisco $3.95 in oakland and san jose the prices lower than the statewide average, oakland $3.83, san jose $3.80. >>> still ahead, keeping men faithful in relationships. new science that says it could come down to a nasal spray. >> this you gotta hear. >>> he's one of president obama's most vocal critics. now the donald's attacks could cost him a lucrative business deal. >>> new lawsuit that >>> ferry building is in blue to commemorate world diabetes day. san francisco with many cities around the country and world are going to be celebrated world diabetes day. one of the ways to bring awareness is have the ferry building blue and make you think about all those people with diabetes and what you can do to keep yourself from getting it. >>> 6:14. rare tornado hit japan to
. the factory made products for wal-mart and other companies in the u.s. and europe. >>> a top official in the egyptian government says street battles and violence that started after the country's president tried to give himself sweeping new powers could soon be over. today president morsi is expected to meet members of the judiciary council to discuss those new powers critics compare his new powers to that of a dictator and vow to continue on with protests until morsi scales back. >>> thanksgiving was a recipe of success for instagram. >> questions in oakland following a rash of weekend gun violence, leaves four dead. >>> she lost her seat on the san francisco board of supervisors after voting to give sheriff ross mirkarimi his job back. >>> dense fog advisory for entire bay area with an hour and 14 minute delays at sfo, more delays at oakland, san jose is okay, visibility there is about eight miles even on the peninsula, visibility reduced to a quarter or even an 8th of a mile in spots, so do be careful out there >>> it has been a violence holiday weekend in oakland police investigati
responding. better than expected report on u.s. jobs, weekly numbers we get every thursday, applications for first-time jobless benefits fell more than expected last week i am dow is up about 83 points, strong start. s&p and nasdaq in the green. bloomberg index also higher. the fatal superstorm sandy may hurt . economic output this quarter but could be good for starbucks one of the places with free wifi where people have flocked for its stores that were open. starbucks one of the food chains that may see boost in sales from consumers looking for places to get a meal. after an initial hit of having to close stores changes will get a boost if people aren't out of food or they want to go out. we are hearing from some of our producers there are insanely long lines at starbucks as people trying to get that free wifi. one executive told us alcohol sales are up, speaking of which, some of you may be feeling a little hungover this morning, the period around halloween is second only to the super bowl for alcohol sales in the up is. more adults have been choosing halloween as an occasion to party.
at new york stock exchange to start the trading day. thank you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. u.s. stock futures declining sharply morning after the election. we'll talk more about why. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. weather numbers also declining sharply. >> that may not have to do with politics just mother nature. who knows if the market does that, i don't know trying to be funny. definitely cloud cover around it has moved a little, lit a little at reporting stations up to a mile in napa, 3/4 at half moon bay it went down there. everybody else went didn't a little at least we are not in dangerous territory until you go 500 feet and above where the clouds are thickest this morning. we will have low clouds for the better part of the morning pull back to the coast and hang out there break up a little, temperatures upper 50s to 60, become brisk during the afternoon at the coast we'll replace the low clouds with high clouds around the bay and inland, cooler today by 9 to 15°, mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to mid 70s inland. we'll talk about s
sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar he encouraged the country to continue its transition to democracy. >> demonstrators planning to protest in front of the israeli consulate this afternoon palestinian continue to fire more than 100 rockets into israel overnight and israel retaliated. two homes in gaza destroy, killing four, wounding 42. coming up, katie marzullo will tell us about the peace deal world leaders are trying to gauche >> man arrested at oakland international airport for allegedly carrying bomb making materials will be in court today. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann of southern california was taken into custody thursday night. he a watch with fuses, switches and wires, layers of insoles inside boots which were two sizes too big he told investigators he's an artist and he was carrying artwork his lawyer give a statement he said in part, ex-centric artists behave he can -- eccentric artists behave eccentricly. >>> the battle to bring war -- jurors to san francisco is expected to get new reinforcements restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join in support of the proposed new
is nearing historic lows. the river carries or barges carry 20% of the nation's coal and 60% of u.s. grain exports. in the midwest they are talking about a drought. but not here. >> yeah, isn't this beautiful. the view outside you are looking at the clear sky. we have a little bit of fog in the north bay and we will talk about when this is going to end because there is an end in site with the return to rain. that's coming up. >> only one gets the wi >> lisa argen just in moments ago, seconds ago with a brand new updated forecast. >> ah-ha. lots to talk about. sunny, mild conditions to start out and then it all fades away. >> all right. with the rain? >> yeah. >> we won't think about this right now. >> but some people looking forward to that. >> it will be nice. >> this can get old, the mild and dry conditions. here's a look from julyner peak in morning out toward mt. diablo. what a gorgeous start to the day. it is clear out there. and from our sutro camera, no clouds at all. but we are looking at a little bit of ground fog up to the north and novato and santa rosa. that has brought the vis
. concord, 64. richmond 66 and santa rosa scored 59 which is the average score for all u.s. cities. >>> today the assassination of mayor mosconey and supervisor harvey milk will be remembered on the steps of city hall, 4:30 followed by a candlelight march, 34 years ago former supervisor white shot and killed mayor mosconey and the city's first openly gay supervisor harvey milk. white was angry mosconey had not reappointed him to be supervisor. >>> empire state building has a new l.e.d. lighting system. the building put on is first light show last night the building lit up in different colors synchronized to two of alicia keys' hit songs. new yorkers were able to hear the songs on local radio stations. >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news from milpitas. police are expected to reveal new information on a shooting investigation within in the next 10 minutes. >>> breaking news on island. the island is open again. it was closed overnight, no one was allowed even or off the island. we'll tell you what happened and bring you the latest, coming up. >>> here the back-up at the bay
at the u.s. supreme court today. the justice will debate whether to let stand an appeals court ruling declaring prop 8, the ban, unconstitutional. if it lets that ruling stand same-sex marriage will be legalized within days. legal analyst dean johnson says it won't set a national precedent. >> only issue in front of the court in the prop 8 case, is whether or not california's proposition 8 violates equal protection. the issue of same-sex marriage in the broader sense of a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage, is really not addressed by the prop 8 case. >>> the supreme court decision could come as early as this afternoon. to make sure you are alerted as soon as it comes down, download our app you can find them all at >>> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with a look at what the stocks are doing. >>> good morning. here unexpected drop in consumer spending in october partly because superstorm sandy kept people from getting to work or shopping. after that report a muted start, dow, s&p and nasdaq all unchanged for this final trading day of th
. >> he is right. the u.s. department of housing and urban development says a person getting a reverse mortgage must live in the home. and if the borrower is gone for more than twelve consecutive months, the loan becomes due. lilly has been out of the house for two years now. >> we wouldn't want to violate regulations. >> it appears the county is in violation. they got reverse mortgage in november, 2010 and moved lilly out of the house october of that year and she hasn't been home since. when we first visited the home in september, faded tags over the door jams indicates no one had been inside for a while. after hearing from the i-team, hud is reviewing the case. >> she said i wanted to go home from day one. >> jane is her court-appointed attorney. he says he objected to the reverse mortgage and doesn't believe lilly's brother took advantage ever her. even more important, a year ago a probate judge ordered talks to begin to move lilly back into her home. sullivan claimed he reached out, but the county didn't act of. >> the county doesn't listen. the judge can't micromanage these people
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